Useful Information

Useful Information:

University Circuit

The IVDA guide to the university circuit. It provides a brief explanation of the format of the different competitions, a list of the competitions that occur most years, a brief summary of elegibility requirements as well as an introduction to IVDA itself and how it works.

This page on the EADA site provides a good list and explanation of basic (restricted) steps.

Non-competitive dress refers to items of clothing that were not specifically designed to be used for competitive dancing.

  • IVDC – the annual national student competition

A document detailing the restrictions on attire to be worn at the IVDC.

Open Circuit

Thinking about competing on the Open Circuit for the first time? Or already competed and want to find some more information. This page is for all of you.

  • If you can not find that which you are looking for then please contact us. We may well be able to help further.


Official Documents:

Useful Links:

For a whole host of useful links (including links to member University socities) click here.