Inter Varsity Dancesport Competition (IVDC)

This is the annual British student championships and is organised every year by IVDA (details of this year’s IVDC can be found on the Events page). Individual universities bid for the right to run the competition. These bids are then voted on by the IVDA General Committee (comprising of one representative from each IVDA-affiliated institution), the winner then forms the new IVDA Executive Committee and runs the following IVDC. Although many details of the competition are left up to the host’s discretion, certain aspects are detailed in constitution, in particular, the individual events, which are:

  • Beginners 1-dance:
    • All years:
      • Standard: Waltz, Quickstep
      • Latin: Cha, Jive

    (all the beginners events are basic events i.e. you may only dance basic steps)

  • Novice 2-dances:
    • All years:
      • Standard: Waltz+Quickstep
      • Latin: Cha+Jive

    (all the novice events are basic events)

  • Intermediate 3-dances (yearly rotation):
    • 2015/2018/2021:
      • Standard: Waltz+Viennese Waltz+Quickstep
      • Latin: Cha+Paso Doble+Jive
    • 2016/2019/2022:
      • Standard: Waltz+Tango+Quickstep
      • Latin: Cha+Rumba+Jive
    • 2017/2020/2023:
      • Standard: Waltz+Foxtrot+Quickstep
      • Latin: Cha+Samba+Jive

    (all intermediate events allow open choreography i.e. no step restrictions)

  • Advanced 4-dances (yearly rotation):
    • 2015/2018/2021:
      • Standard: Waltz+Foxtrot+Viennese Waltz+Quickstep
      • Latin: Cha+Samba+Paso Doble+Jive
    • 2016/2019/2022:
      • Standard: Waltz+Tango+Viennese Waltz+Quickstep
      • Latin: Cha+Rumba+Paso Doble+Jive
    • 2017/2020/2023:
      • Standard: Waltz+Tango+Foxtrot+Quickstep
      • Latin: Cha+Samba+Rumba+Jive

    (all advanced events allow open choreography)

  • Acrobatic Rock-and-Roll

Offbeat entries are limited by the constitution to a maximum of 3 minutes and 30 seconds (including set up time). Failure to abide by this unfortunately leads to disqualification.

Team Match
The team match at the IVDC follows the so-called “new style”. Each institution may enter a maximum of four teams of four couples. The team match is danced across Waltz, Cha, Quickstep and Jive (usually in that order) with each couple dancing one of the four dances (W,C,Q or J). The team is considered as a whole and the competition is marked as though it were a 4-dance with team being recalled as a whole.

The first round of the competition acts as a qualifying round and splits the teams into two divisions. These two divisions are then run as separate competitions.

Institutions that have an incomplete team may apply to have this amalgamated with that of another institution.

For more details on the IVDA team match and its rules please see the current IVDA Constitution.

If you have any questions then please contact us.