The following is a list of discounts available to students at IVDA-affiliated universities. The list is updated as new offers become available. (Where promotional codes are not specified, please contact us for details.)

Crystal Clover
Please contact us for codes
30% off menswear
10% off ready-to-wear ballroom dresses
30% off all fabrics
25% off practice wear
20% off all Swarovski and Preciosa Rhinestones

Dance News

Dance Today

Please contact us for details
24% discount off shoes
15% off tights & tan
10% discount off dresses
27.5% off mens practicewear (Image range)
27.5% off women’s practicewear (Image range)
12.5% off dressbags
25% discount off basic fabrics, lycras & meshes
20% off metallic lycras
17.5% discount off laces
17.5% discount off stones
22.5% discount off dress accessories
28% off DSI Videos
10% off CDs
10% off books
5% off tailsuits